My months of the year

Hello, My name is Wuraola and this is my 2014 in months review, I have to say that while the year did go by fast enough, it seems like two years instead of one to me because of all that happened.

My January came armed
With battle axes of resolutions
But if there’s one thing sure about my January, its that she listens to no one
Especially not herself and before the month was over, her resolutions were naught.

My February is a three piece suit
Ready for business with little or no time for pleasure or love and turning the required heads of course.

My march was a discovery channel. I found my voice, my poesy, my art back…
My march also found solace in words albeit empty and fancied herself in love. She learnt soon enough.

My April is a bad decision with its ample share of drowning regrets
She gave her most prized away to the least deserving.
She bathed in her tears.

My may is a gladiator,
Fighting off many strikes and still standing
Beautiful still with that broken smile

My June had an August lover,
Friend and editor
Somehow his love for her rattled him
Too much.

My July decided it wanted a Christmas break
I couldn’t bring her santa
But she had tears for supper on Christmas eve.

My August is that sheep who wanted a little adventure.
Young, free, bored, couldn’t be confined…
Oh, she did eat shit I tell you.
After all, didn’t the adage say “the sheep that follows a dog will soon eat shit”?

My September was a tub of regrets
And I took baths in it every night
It had me becoming what I always loathed “distrustful”
But work soon made me too busy to trust or distrust

My October was of stooling and love and convocation.
All great events in my life but still pretty uneventful.

My November was an experience
She could have learnt from someone else’s
But where’s the fun in that?
Deserts and scalding sun beats any camp tales I dare say.

My December is a petulant child
Unwilling to accept the fact that actions though silent are always always
Louder than words
Because all she’s been used to are empty words.
But she’s on her way to rediscovery and she’s learning to “let people love you their own way”

Happy holidays guys, thanks for being a wonderful part of my 2014.

Written by @goldenwura

21 thoughts on “My months of the year

  1. You did this huh. Wow. This is remarkable and I’m not just saying it. Wish I could arrange my life in thoughts, like this form. Thank God for a year spent yea?

  2. Beautifully deep. Great writing
    I hope that when you write this again next year it wont only be creative but filled with more love and happiness. Have a wonderful 2015

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