Saving Mankind.

In the spirit of Christmas, I bring to you this beautiful piece.

saving mankingAngels from realms glorious,

bearing glad tidings of one virgin born,

cradled in trappings of humanity.

Divinity dressed in a cloak of clay;

“Emmanuel shall be his name!”

Forth came great prophesying;

“Governments & ghettos, galaxies & grottoes upon His shoulder”;

He that is called the Hope of Nations, of whom

Isaiah spoke & Micah wrote.

Jeremiah telling of tender mercies and of a

King, our kinsman redeemer and

Light of the world sent from heaven.

Men watching their flock heard the medley. That

night, nearer drew the eastern scholars,

on their camels bearing great gifts.

Pitch black darkness became clear as day.

Quiet was stirred by the Eternal rhythm

resonating with the chords of creation. The

Star shone sending serenity into shepherd hearts;

twinkling, telling of the tale of a baby born, a son given

unto us to unchain and unlock our souls, not

visiting but making his tabernacle with men.

Wild and unrestrained as the lily of the valley, a

Xerophyte; love planted in the hearts of men.
Yeshua! God’s very image and express glory

Zion’s best given to save mankind

Written by @dami_maverick
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