Leave Your Lover.

This beautiful piece says it all. Domestic Violence, Gender Inequality, Discrimination. Women need economic and educational empowerment. To know that a man who loves you does not chastise you. She need to know that her husband doesnt have a right to hit her. She needs to know that she is not a shadow of her man.
Our laws need to be reformed because some of them promote domestic violence and gender inequality. The Law enforcement agencies need to go through an enlightenment process as domestic violence is not merely a private affair that should be left within the private sphere of the home. It is one that has been given international recognition. So, our law enforcement agents should not disregard the woman who comes to report her abusive spouse. I guess I’ve said enough.

This, this says it all..

Forged Words.

I met her in the hospital, I was a nurse, she was a patient.
They said she came in the early hours of the morning, almost unconscious, blood everywhere, cuts and bruises.
Her husband brought her in and when they asked him what happened to her, he looked at her with no emotions and said,
‘Nkiru baby, tell them what happened’
With so much pain in her eyes, between short and sharp breaths, she said,
‘I fell’
He smiled and looked at the nurses,
‘There you have it, she fell, she’s mad you know, she likes pain.’
When I came in for morning duty, the nurses leaving briefed me on what happened earlier.
I waited till she was awake, and then I went by her bed to give her some pain killers and change the dressing on her cuts.
She was a very pretty woman, you could call her a…

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