Vote of thanks Inter Alia.

Finally at the end of this series.

I’d like to use this opportunity to thank all the wonderful writers that took their time to send an entry for this series.

I also want to thank all the readers, you’ve been wonderful, thank you so much.

Finally, I’d like to say, though we might have come to the end of this series but, it’s meaning and essence should not be lost. This series was started to celebrate independence somewhat.My intention was to get writers to fully express their feelings about Nigeria. Thankfully, the most of that has been done, though some in negative light.

I know what it was like sourcing for writers because most people didn’t want to write about Nigeria. Some said they had nothing good to say about Motherland.

Our feelings shouldn’t be this.

I’m pulled to remember that I am one Nigeria out of a million of Nigerians. Nigeria might be facing problems but in my little, tiniest way, what am I doing to help Motherland? Because when it comes down to the end of it, I make up Nigeria, you make up Nigeria, we make up Nigeria.

With this series, I’ve learn’t a lot about Nigeria and the feelings of most youths. But what I’m taking back home, what I’m leaving right here in my heart is, at the end of it all, there is hope.There is hope of better things to come. I’m thankful to a country like Nigeria though she has her problems.

I’m thankful that I’m still alive and well and my family is, and my friends are. Though this might seem selfish in light of what is going on today, kidnaps, boko haram, ebola, you name it. But I believe, once there’s life, there’s is hope.ย  There is hope that things can be better. I believe that things would be better.

So what’s it gonna be, are we going to have a little faith and hope that our youths would be the change Nigeria needs, or continue with a barrage of criticisms until we are six feet down?

If we are complaining about the drainage systems in our environment, what are we doing to clear the clutter, do we keep disposing our bottles in it?

My house when I’m in school is in the Bariga area and I feel sickened sometimes to see how the roads are and how the drainage systems are. But one day, I found myself offhandedly disposing a bottle of laCasera into the gutter. I found that I was one person contributing to the problem I was complaining of.

But that’s just one example.

So here I am asking you on this independence day, What is it going to be, to be a better Nigerian and help change our environment and society in any little way, or to look for a means of escape?

Whatever decision you make, think about it, ruminate on it.

Thanks so much everyone. If you haven’t participated in the series, there’s always next year. Also, if you want to read all the entries, click this link 30days,30writers and enjoy the wonderful stories and poems, starting with the thirtieth post Shed Rack Me Shack and A bad Negroย  up until the first post, Our Girls.

On that note, I leave you to enjoy your independence day!

Happy Independence day and Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

Ope Adedeji.

22 thoughts on “Vote of thanks Inter Alia.

  1. But wait. This manickal of a person, I don’t remember seeing or reading his post? If its there, please tell me the title, let me read abeg. Thanks
    See y’all on Saturday

  2. It only takes one lunatic to fuck shit up. And a right-thinking person to put things together. And surely Ope, you have proved to be the latterr. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Kudos to you for pulling this off! I enjoyed the stories I read.

    Sometimes the Nigerian landscape offers doom and gloom, but glimpses of our heydays manage to peek through. You said, “But I believe, once thereโ€™s life, thereโ€™s is hope.” Maybe we shouldn’t give up too quickly . . .

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