Because today’s post is late. no introduction. but, alas, the series is coming to an end. Enjoy this poem.

I, son of the soil

Proclaim you great

With your smiling beggars

& frowning leaders

Fucking you over

Like a night stand

With a candle

Ever burning

With the haste of passion

For money and power

I hail thee mama

54 years with a meager

Body count

Muritala Mohammed

Tafawa Balewa

& many true sons of the soil

Who bathe(d) with oil

Crude is the traditional way

Why does the Agbada have a sac?

For love mummy Nigeria

Named by Mrs. Lugard

Out of jealousy

For your bomb pussy.

How is Shekau?

Your beloved son,

The fire

Burning your loins

Like gonorrhoea

Mami Nigeria

This is a song of praise

Like hymns sung

By your preachers

We’ll pay for prayers

To your health

& hope Jets take

Our offerings

To heaven.

Written by Lanre.

Follow him on Twitter: @blaqknyght

read more of his work:

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