Tables Turn


The giant of Africa. A land flowing with milk and hon… haha, i cant even write that down with a straight face. From the stories of a military President who took years of state budgets and stuffed it in his account(s) in Switzerland, to the guy in Yaba who is being beaten black and blue by market people, and bystanders, and people, who don’t know whats going on, but they will beat you anyways, because he stole a Blackberry Curve 2 (really fam? who steals a curve 2 in 2014, what is wrong with you?) …to the woman in a thick forest, looking into a mirror, calling someone’s name and tying their destiny to a stick(or chicken feet, i don’teven know again) .. to the missing 289 girls abducted in their school (yes, 289 girls. kidnapped. all at once. them kidnappers must be some bad motherfuckers, having invisible tech and shit for them to carry 289 HUMAN BEINGS WITHOUT BEING NOTICED) .. down to the man who dropped off his kid in school, pecked her on the forehead and said “I love you princess, i’ll come pick you when school closes. Be good.” she never did see him again beacause he was blown to oblivion on his way back to the bus park in the country’s capital by BokoHaram (isn’t the capital of a country meant to be the most guarded of all states or??)  .. I mean, lets all be serious. Techinacally this country shouldn’t still be on the map.

But then, it is. Its still here, standing. I could give you a book and tell you to write about things you hate about this country, and you would begin to write, for years, and you would ask me for another book to continue, i would give you and while continuing with where you left off you would get pissed, burn the book, kill me, for giving you this idea and then you would kill yourself because you wont be able to fully fathom where it all went wrong with ‘Our Father Land’

Nigeria would be known for nothing,
never will anybody say,
we were the peak of mankind.
that is wrong, the truth is
our country was a failure.
thinking that
we actually succeeded
is a waste. and we know
living only for money and power
is the way to go.
being loving, thinking about others and being kind
is a dumb thing to do.
forgetting about that time
will not be easy, but we will try.
changing our country for the better
is something we never did.
Giving up/stealing
is how we handled our problems.
working hard
was a joke.
we knew that
people thought we wouldn’t come back
that might be true,
unless we turn things around

(Now read from bottom to top)

Nigeria , good people … Great Nation

Written by Alan Olisa

Follow him on twitter @alanolisa_

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