Pen to Paper.


Today’s writer has written an introduction to his awesome poetry. Please enjoy.

There is a certain amount of person’s you need to fuck up before you hit gold. For my country,that is 160million and that itself is a huge achievement for a country that gold isn’t its main export. A sequel longer than the game of thrones series won’t even be enough for me to start to describe the different ethnic groups lest start about religious hate. A country so diverse, you could create two other countries from; well, some people did try. The dream had been an ideal black nation, but reality is a bitch. The leaders corrupt, their actions as if constructed to contradict the line from the anthem that says ‘the labours of our heroes past shall never be in vain’. Once upon a time, the only problem we had was not knowing how to spend our money. Now, the only problem we have is that we have too many problems. The mood is dark, like the liquid that brought the curse, like the streets at night, like the hearts of the people it has suffered. Our nation is not bound in freedom, and peace and justice definitely doesn’t reign.

pen to paper

Pen to paper

Let me scribble

But, my thoughts are unformed

Like babies unborn

When the mind is pregnant with ideas but can’t deliver

What medical condition do we then term that?

When laziness surpasses literary prowess

What social condition do we also term it?

What new jargon will Mr president term this?

When people are corrupt before they come into power

Do we still then foolishly say ‘power corrupts’?

When your country attempts to kill you

What shall we name this treason?

Who then punishes the punisher?

A country with hero’s,

only in the national anthem

A country with so many missing zero’s,

Well, a trillion or so isn’t too much to ask for public service

A country where there is no poverty,

Only on instagram.

A country with dreamers and hopers

A country with blind patriots,

Nonchalant idiots,

Hopeless romantics,

Prayer warriors,

Missing funds,

Missing girls

A country that has eaten the proverbial ‘tomorrow’s yam’

A country on the brink of self destruction

Tick, tock, tick, tock

All is not lost yet,

If only this can be seen as our crucible

The necessary evil

The life changing accident

The change that changes us

It begins with the blind patriot,

The nonchalant idiot,

It begins with Nigerians; not Yoruba, Igbo or Hausa

It begins with us

They say I am a foolish boy in a too wise world.

Who am I to say otherwise?

So, let my ink flow

Go slow.

Pen to paper, I still want to scribble.

Written by Hassan Yahaya Taiwo

Follow him on twitter @hassytee

Read his blog:

6 thoughts on “Pen to Paper.

  1. When people are corrupt before they come into
    Do we still then foolishly say ‘power corrupts’?
    May your ink never run dry.

  2. This was an enjoyable read… Please keep scribbling. Ee are indeed a country of dreamers and hopers. But one question for you. Do you really think its the black liquid that cursed us?

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