My Nigeria.


I recently read a piece about speaking out, on Livelytwist’s blog, which you can read here . It stirred certain feelings in me. This twenty first piece about Nigeria does the same.

If we all keep quiet, who would fight for us? In this interesting piece this writer wants a recognition from Motherland. This writer wants a better Nigeria.

What do you want from and for Nigeria, and how do you want to get it?


“I will ask questions with stones if they take my voice” – Odia Ofeimum

I will fight for a Nigeria I believe in

I will stand up against unfair practices and corrupt politicians

I will walk against the evil this nation has been known to sprout

I will speak for the weak and the down trodden

I will probe the rich and corrupt

I will believe this country can be better

I will stand tall and fight for our kidnapped girls

I shall fight with everything within me

I will not let Nigeria go to waste

I will not let corruption and greed envelope this country

I will not let us be disrespected

I will fight until I am no more

I will speak up and they shall listen

I will not be overlooked

Nigeria will be free and fair

Nigeria will be respected

Nigeria will be secure

Nigeria will be great.

Written by Bisi Adedun

Read other poems by her:

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