The Patriots.


This short, well written poem starts off with the issues. In the Second stanza however, hope is ignited, and this writer, has pledged to serve her country despite the issues. Shouldn’t we all do same?.

African women in traditional dress

What compatriots have we, to rise to our call?

What is left of our fatherland to serve?

Have we love, or strength, or faith of which to boast?

Have we memories of our “heroic” past?

Freedom, peace and unity are myths.

Our causes have scarcely been noble,

Our leaders, seldom right.

Our youth bask in ignorance and hatred and lies.

We have no just foundations that may lead to lofty heights –

The construction of our nation is temporarily on hold.

Still, I pledge to Nigeria, my country,

That I will serve her however I can,

Though I can neither defend her blunders

Nor uphold her tarnished name.

So help me God.

Written by Amina Waya

Twitter handle:

Also read her work:

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