Beyond the Fray


I shall not bore you with a lengthy intro to this beautiful piece. Apologies for the late posting.

These next fourteen days would be about igniting hope, peace and celebrating the good things now and to come.

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. peace

If tomorrow was seen as
A reflection of yesterday’s
Staring into the still water
That is today,
Maybe mother nature
Would wail
For her bundle of joy.

Seeds nutured in
The incubating minds
Of men with intentions
Of gods, long haired
And white skinned.
They rode iyemoja
Till she led them ashore.
Wombs distraught,
A traitor,
She conceived their ideas.

Down they chopped iroko
Into tombstones of
Fleeing spirits
Unable to weather the storm,
They who tormented mothers
Till childbirth became meaningless,
Now soars cowards
Unable to defend their homes.

Eledumare watched,
Arms akimbo
As ifa turned a carved doll,
An art piece
Sold on the cheap
For amusement purposes.

Sango roared above,
Yes! Olukoso The fierce one.
He struck feebly,
Till his thundering
Became impotent
For he couldn’t bring rain.

To catch us monkeys
They traded bananas,
For our heritage, our gold.
They sold us compasses
To find our way out Bermuda.

So our fathers took a stand
Till they turned statues,
And history etched names.

The white man
Chose to leave
And along they went,
Our visions with them.

Beyond the fray
Lies peace,
Lies the bond we never had.
To reach it
We’d lose limbs,
For it is a fight
That cripples the brave.

Written by Lekan Omoniyi

Follow him on twitter @_l3kan

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12 thoughts on “Beyond the Fray

  1. Wow. You have just taken me on a beautiful history ride. Thank you, it was fun.
    “For our heritage, our gold.
    They sold us compasses
    To find our way out Bermuda”…..

  2. Wow. You just took me on a beautiful history ride and it was fun. Although you had me at the first two lines, my fav were “For our heritage, our gold.
    They sold us compasses
    To find our way out Bermuda”….
    Thank you

  3. Reblogged this on ore's Thoughts and commented:
    Beyond the fray originally posted on cecile’ blog is a must read. This words will bore deep into the soul of your imagination. This post radiates passion.

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