My Corner in Hell.


This jazz they use to be emotionless, I need it.

Do you ever just want that? Ever just want to be numb and not be consumed in the pain that threatens to sink the country? I do. The issues are raised once again in the short piece titled my corner in hell.

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” Now, sleeplessness is a norm, 
Now,I don’t need to close my eyes before having nightmares, they live with me in broad day light. 
The ones who inflict pain, who take lives they can’t create, how do they sleep at night or look in the mirror to admire their very perfection. 
They have kids or plan to do so, how do they look into their kids’ eyes and not see the soul of the kids they’d murdered in both hot and cold blood. This jazz they use to be emotionless, I need it. 
‘Cos this ember blazes brightly and burns me and hurts me, I’m not the one being killed or hurt yet I feel their pain because I know it could have been me or a loved one. 
How can one’s sin be so great, what is this sin, this great wrong the innocent have done, you ask me… I’ll tell, it’s none other than being unfortunate enough to not only be born a Nigerian but to also inhabit therein. That’s the great sin. 
It’s not religion or the bomb or the stones or the matchet or the guns that kill, its fellow Nigerians like you and me,our so called brothers and sisters… 
The law which is supposed to be above all couldn’t have been more below all now as everything it stands for has been more than abused, it has been rubbished, molested. 
Funny thing is, the writers of this law,the guardians, the ones who told us we have a right to live, to express, to be free. They are the very ones who hold the whips, who pull the triggers, who set the timers, who block our way. 
Our salvation is now our bane. 
One need not have a fear of hell when one lives in Nigeria and not only sees the horrors unfolding but also lives in the nightmare. 
Light is gone out of here, the shadows will do just fine. 
This is my little corner in hell, this is Nigeria. 
Sometimes, I’ll rather be a slave to whites who think they are superior and better human species than me than to be a pawn to Nigerians who don’t even know how to play the game.” 
Written by: Wuraola Abulatan.

Whose twitter handle is: @goldenwura

Read her blog:

14 thoughts on “My Corner in Hell.

  1. Hmmmmm….. Two things we can do is, 1, to fight with our blood and our inner eyes clossed or 2, to turm to God in serious prayers. However, the second option is far better…… Let’s all go back to our knell and pray.. I feel the pain.. GOD BLESS YOU @Goldenwura

  2. A piece, one nicely written. Flowing through the mind of a Nigerian, a wake up call for our Leaders. If only they will be rejuvenated by the day-to-day happenings of the country and put themselves in harms way like the endangered species of mankind who bear the brunt of the whip flogged by the master. God bless @goldenwura for this piece, God bless Cecile’s blog and God bless Nigeria…

  3. hmmmmm….this is a very deep. The wailing of a heart that has taken too much sad news.

    When it comes to Nigeria and the Nigerian situation, I do a ‘siddon and look’.

    The people who strung us together from the beginning got it all wrong.

  4. In our little corner of hell called Nigeria, some girls are still missing for almost 5months, while the only thing that concerns the political class is re election into offices. Sighs. Nice one wura, more inspiration to you dearie.

  5. I see hopelessness in the faces of our people,despair behind their smiles. Every morning when I take those famillar routes to work I can almost touch the suffering of my fellow Nigerians.we need a revolution and we need it fast. Nice piece, very nice.

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