Any Other


For this post, marking the tenth day of this series, Barakat has written a wonderful poem and an introduction to go with it.

Please read.

Hi. I am Barakat.  I am a teenager. I am Nigerian.  

Writing about Nigeria and the state of the nation is not something I really like to do. There’s just too much to be said. It’s like a labyrinth, really that’s how I feel.  

Then again,  I see the smile on that homeless kid’s face, I see the joy in the market woman’s eyes. I see the hope in the unemployed youth’s stride. I see the tenacity in the conductor’s attitude. I see the resilience in the truck pushers arms. I see the determination in the students’ revolution. I see everything under the mask that we all put on. Trust me, if you really look, you’d see.  

Poetry is my life and I just thought I’d do a poem for Nigeria. Trust me, it’s really funny how you can’t help but love something  you think you hate so much. The poem is titled ‘any other’ enjoy. 



I would start this like any other poem 

praising what is not there  

salute the compatriots  

and chronicle labours that have been in vain.  

Pretend to forget about all the pain  

I would praise her culture and her art 

explore the greatness that’s her people , her heart. 

This isn’t like any other poem 

this is a poem  about a country  

A country that can’t be called a country  

My country,My collage. 

A collage so abstract  

ugly bursts of colour strewn across a page by an artist who thinks she has created a masterpiece  

the artist gets excited for a while , then leaves  the abstract collage to fend for itself  

The colours try to dominate  

They forget that the most beautiful collages are the ones with different colours. 

Who ever liked a gray collage?  

So they fight, they become savage  

forget their innate beauty . The beauty in each colour 

beauty that can be replicated. 

My country My collage. One unlike any other. 

A sudden burst of colour emerged from the collage  

A new colour , one never seen before  

refreshing to the eyes and a miracle to the soul 

A colour like no other  

while the bigger colours fought, they didn’t realise they made a new colour  

A colour ready to change the game 

that colour is you, that colour is me 

That colour is us, trying to make a collage different from any other  

That colour is that which lies deep in me and you ready to make our collage ,our Nigeria. 

not just some country, but one different from any other. 

Written by Barakat.  

Follow her on twitter: @denikhe

 Read her stories published on her blog:

I hope you enjoyed that. Let’s focus on bursting out in colors different from any other! Cheers.

8 thoughts on “Any Other

  1. This is a poem one needs not strain his mind to grab its message. Yes, I can be mentally lazy sometimes but this was well written. Without humongous inferences. I appreciate the message passed across but I appreciate the medium more. Well done.

  2. Where and how the idea for this piece came I cannot even begin to explain but it’s beautiful. Indeed it’s unlike any other poem about our country. Keep writing please, never stop.

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