The Issues.


This author raises questions that we ask ourselves every other day, if not daily. What are the issues in Nigeria? What are our issues?

In this piece we come across some of the issues that threaten to pull our nation apart and still keeps us together.

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Do you cringe when you think of this great nation? Does it bother you that what we hold in high esteem and claim to fight for, may eventually lead to our downfall? Does it ever sit in your mind that we just might be a bomb in itself, waiting to explode?

Tell me more about the trials of this great giant of Africa.

Although we were made to believe that Nigeria was born out of a business deal, it has never changed the fact that the notion can be corrected. However, many have put to futile the efforts being put in place.  A mere geographical expression they say, but does anyone ever wonder why that geographical expression has refused to dismember itself?  Let me tell you… greed.

Greed is exactly why.

For a country that keeps threatening to divide at the slightest provocation, what do you think is holding it together? Investment is what is. The Northerner knows he has oil wells in the south and if he fans the heat of separation, he’ll get nothing. The Southerner also knows if he tells his friends to rebel and build their own territory, he’ll lose the multibillion dollar estates in Lagos. These, my friend, are issues.

I would say it is time for us to move past this deadly worm of a trouble but we know it’s too deep to just go away. Corruption is not a day’s fight. Neither is it the battle for a selected few. It is a guerrilla war that needs all the tactical commitment ever. The problems we face go far beyond just corruption, as a matter of fact, it seems to be the least of our problems.
Have you imagined the heartbreak serving our nation causes year in and out? Have you sat down to think of Corp members who are killed in the course of service? No? Then imagine how this escalates – The Man in Enugu hears his son has been killed in Benue, tell me what happens to the Benue people in Enugu. The stronghold tribalism has on our nation can never be undermined.

The next time you want to hire someone based on the fact that you both share same ethnic background, ask yourself this – Would I let him fly me in a plane simply because we are of same ethnicity?
These, again, are issues.

Long Live Nigeria, God bless my Fatherland.

Written by Dhamani Kanz

Follow her on twitter: @dhamani_

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