I hate my Country.


After three days, we come face to face with the real question; do I love Nigeria? or, do I hate her? Is there hope for her?

This poem helps us ponder deeply on what our feelings should rightly be, towards our Motherland.

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I hate my country… but I wish I didn’t  

Her unending strife and the unyielding chaos  

Her crying children and weeping mothers  

Her angry fathers and missing daughters  

Her greedy politicians and inept leaders  

Her shameful image in the eyes of others  

Her starving soldiers and confused police men  

Her numerous tribes with their incessant clashes  

Her religious manacles and sacrilegious fanatics  

The bribery and corruption that holds her in shackles  

The absence of power to put her in the spotlight  

The wailing of diseased souls in her hospital wards  

The mockery she has become amongst her peers.  

I hate my country… for all these and more  

But she begs for my heart to not hate, but to love.  


I love my country… because she is my mother.  

A beauty in the eyes of men. A giant amongst others.  

Her green lands are filled with plenty.  

Her waters are blessed with even more.  

Her soil is rich, a joy to farmers.  

Her people are ignorant, a joy to scammers.  

Her minerals abound, a joy to miners.  

Her women are endowed, a joy to womanizers.  

Her wealth is immeasurable, a joy to politicians.  

And their greed is incalculable, a worry to mathematicians.  

I love my country… for her wonderful people.  

Her beautiful daughters in tight dresses…  

Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle.  

I love my country… for all these and more.  

And hope for that day to come…  

When her greatness will be acknowledged by all.  

Written by Michael.

You can follow him on twitter: @Qvrxz


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