I wish I let you stay.


Having seen Nigeria through different lights in the last post titled Nigeria which you can read here, and after letting our hearts bleed for the kidnapped girls and unrest in the Northern Regions in the first post titled Our Girls which you can also read here, we are led through some history. This writer talks about bad governance, the influence of the White Man in Nigeria and, running away. He talks about the way we take a part in building or destroying the country.

What do you see in this simply written poem titled I wish I let you stay?


off to white mans land.

I wish I let you stay by my side Not for how you made me feel, but for what I could have done for you.

Like a basket of bad eggs, you have a disturbing stench.

As the physician said about cancers, early detection is the key to a cure.

But like my fathers, I sailed through many seas.

I tried to make my home in the strange mans land, but the white man rejected me.

I came back and you accepted me like I never left but you were worse.

Instead of rejoicing, I joined the many that picked up rocks and tossed them at you.

A slim man just like my father would tell us what we already knew;that you needed help

We would make him the leader man, but instead he would be a fat man

The rich man with his magically growing pockets would lie to us about a better tomorrow,

But his children were not even here.

With the wealth you left for me, he bought the white man’s affection.

The physician says it’s only a matter of time before you die

All I can do now is wish. I wish my father, or his father’s father hadn’t gone to the white man’s land.

I wish I stayed. Not for how you made me feel, but for what I could have done for you.

written by Tosin Adeshokan
you can follow him on Twitter: @theoluwatosin
you can read his blog: theoluwatosin.wordpress.com

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