Thank you.

Hi everyone. This must be my first self post in a long time.

So it was my birthday thirteen days ago. WOOHOOO, Happy Birthday to me.

Thanks to God for keeping me alive this far. It has been reaallly great. Especially the past one year. I got to meet new cool people on here, twitter and real life.

I also learnt a lot of new things.

It was a period to really find and become me–hope you dont mind that I borrow these words, Livelytwist.

A greater relationship with my Maker was the most precious gift this past one year.

Followed by the gift of Life and Love. Thank you God.

For this new year, my gift to myself is a real huge one. It’s not a car, though I wish it was. Not a new cell phone, Father already took care of that. Not a whole new library of books which I usually shop for 19th of June every year. Not new clothes, shoes or jewelry. This new year is different. It promises to be one of the best years ever as I march on to adulthood. Its about focusing on self, enlightening self and appreciating self.


This year is about giving myself the gift of being me, before I offer the world the gift of me. Then, whatever happens, the ground upon which I place my feet will hold me up. (Reconstructed from Livelytwist’s work which you can read here Finding and becoming you click here)

Marking your birthday, isnt exactly about the day, its about the whole year before you have the opportunity to celebrate another one.

This new year is a time to focus on my career, my education and my family. Its a time to build relationships and engage in new activities.

I could go on about what I’ve learn’t and what I haven’t but at the end, it all comes down to thanking everyone for being a part of my life. You have immensely contributed in one way or the other. Even the tiniest contribution, goes a long way. So, thank you.


June 20 was so fun, thanks to everyone who could and couldn’t wish me a good day (For the latter, its not too late to make it up to me). Thank you for your gifts, your calls and texts. Thank you for being there.

I had a small get together with my friends. (Anastasia; my secretary of the imaginary Cecile world created a surprise birthday get together for me.)

Here are pictures from the day.

There is Ife who with Anastasia organized the whole thing. Thank you Ife. Ife also did my make up. She’s the one in the lilac dress.

Adeboro, did the photography, she’s a classy photographer. She’s the one with the glasses. (She writes and is also into photography, view some of her write ups and photographs )

Assumpta got the cake! She’s the one with the pretty weave and funny face. She’s a good friend, though she let them spell Cecile as Cecil, I just knew she had it coming, revenge of sorts. She’s an amazing writer, view her blog here

Duni my baby. I dunno what she did. But she’s an amazing friend and study partner. The one with the I’m going natural hair.

Sola, the brainy. She was in charge of mobilizing us. She’s the one with the grey tank top.

Then there was Anastasia, the brain behind it all. Though, you can’t see her, she’s right there, smiling back at you.

So much to say, so little time.

Thanks everybody.

I love you all.

Cecile White.

IMG_4132 IMG_4129 IMG_4154 IMG_4150 IMG_4187 IMG_4201-1 IMG_4139 IMG-20140623-WA0001 IMG_4133 IMG_4142 IMG_4135-1


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