Not so Dear Amaka,

No pleasantries Amaka. None at all. I am pissed with you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not jealous of you. What’s there to be jealous about? Is it your long wavy hair? Your full voluptuous lips? Your eyes lashes that flicker with natural elegance? Your flawless skin? Your slim figure and model gaiety pose? Do you really think any of these would make me jealous? Please I don’t have that time. ย At all, at all. I would not even have written to you if not for the anger boiling within me. No I do not mean I am boiling anger in a pot, its a figure of speech, I hope they’ve taught you that in the White Mans Land; FIGURE OF SPEECH. Like I was saying, I am highly vexed with you.

Come o, Amaka who do you think you are? Don’t you know I am your elder sister?

You should hear how I laugh in mockery.

The Yoruba’s have a wise word to describe our situation.” Who would pay the old woman’s debt, pekele, pekele

Abi if your ears have become deaf due to the cold in the White man’s Land, have your eyes also become blind?

But wait o, how dare you, how dare you I ask again, leave your Father’s land, where your grandfather and your great-grandfather toiled and worked the earth, to go and get ‘educasion’ in the white man’s land. Abi does the situation looks normal to you? Don’t take my letter as a surprise. Even though I didn’t wish to say anything when you brought the supposed good news to us that the white men have given you a scholarship. I didn’t because I knew that Uncle Emeka and the rest of them with their big heads and frog mouths would say I am jealous.

Really, why should I be jealous of you? Is it your brains? The fact that you can count from one to the end? The fact that you usually came first in secondary school while I come last? Don’t let the pride eating you up get it twisted. All in all, I am still the better sister. I mean look at it, who is taking care of Papa and Mama? Surely not you who is busy mingling abroad in the name of seeking ‘educasion.’ Abi you think I will not notice how drunk you were in the picture you sent down to us last month, with the hand of that uncouth white young man draped around your shoulders? And those other white girls in mini skirts frolicking around you?

Don’t let them poison you Amaka! Amaka, Amaka, Amaka, Nigeria is where you belong!

You don’t belong with the white ones. Cant you see that your skin colors differ or are you too blind to notice this? Biko, don’t go marrying one of them, it would be the death of Papa. Mazi Okafor is here awaiting your return.

Getting down to business, Amaka, I don’t like what you did to me. Wahlai, to God who made me, I’m not happy with you. How can you just leave me like that? Abi you cannot understand what I mean? Why did you go, didn’t you know your leaving would be detrimental to me?

I’m not even saying I miss you. Mba.

My personal life has been going okay without you. Three eligible bachelors got on their knees for me only last year, so you can imagine how well I am doing.

But that is not what I speak of. You have left me with Mama and Papa, to take care of them as if I am a common house girl. Don’t you know that it is your job to take care of them. (and I don’t mean with money. The wads of pounds you send to us is barely enough to buy myself a new shoe, a new bag, a new dress and jewelries, not to talk of buying provisions for Mama and Papa.

You should see how I roll my eyes.

The night you went on that bird that took you away, my God, that night was the death of me.

You should see the suffering Mama and Papa put me through.

They made me cook! A whole me, having to cook food that is not for myself alone. I almost died. I discovered I had to fetch water from the neighbors borehole to wash the plates and cook the food. Imagine me, a whole me, with my round buttocks, going into the neighbors house to fetch water at night! Is it your plan that they stare at me until I melt? I rebuke you. Then I discovered there was no kerosene at home. So i had to walk down the junction to buy some stove wick and kerosene. Imagine me, walking to the junction when it is not as if I am going for a party. As if that was not enough, Papa ordered me to buy Petrol for the generator. Weren’t you supposed to have bought petrol before you left? After cooking and making sure they were content, I had to scrub the kitchen to a fault all in one night. Amaka, I your sister Ada had to do it all in one night.

Is it good? that I had to do your work? Is it fair? Is it right?

You see it is you that is supposed to suffer this suffering.

And the work has increased. Everyday, the name Ada has no rest. Ada do this, Ada do that. No please no thank you.

You see why you have to come back home.

Now that I have told you my feelings, I hope you respect yourself and come back home.

Not so jealous Ada.

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