This wall



I can see you

You can see me

But its only through the peephole.

The great brick orange wall,

Tall as it is, blocks our love.

It is a tiny wonder how the wall grew

We walked the same road not too long ago

Dancing under blue skies

Holding hands,

Singing with the birds,

Laying on the grass

Eyes glistening with love

Hearts throbbing with emotion

Tummy ablaze with a thousand butterflies.

But someone once said

All good things come to an end

For us, it somewhat did

Now we are strange lovers,

We don’t say much

We don’t play much

We just stare through this peephole

And talk, backs against the great brick wall

The fire burns;

Regardless this wall obstructs the heat.

I long to taste your lips

To be in your arms

To stare in your eyes

To feel the heat

But this wall,

This doomed wall doesn’t give us any chance.

Lover, My Lover

Would you be willing,

To tear this wall apart

Would you spare sometime,

From the cares of the world,

To come right into my heart?

I believe we can

Because our love is just that great.

So what would it be my darling.



Written by: Noelle.

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