Silent Noises II

Hi Everyone! So I didn’t keep my promise to post by the end of this last week. Shoot me now, I’m just a liar, mostly a lazy person. But then again, this is a new week and oh a few days to Christmas! Yay 🙂 Well here’s the sequel to Silent Noises. I hope you enjoy it. Have a nice day & a wonderful week.

Dont forget to read the first part. Trust me, you wouldnt understand this part without reading it. 


Simi sat up startled. She was perspiring abnormally for a cold windy night. Had it been a dream? A dream where the water was closing up on her mother? Had it been a dream that mother was sinking, dying? She couldn’t tell. What she did know was something crept in the air. Something evil. Strong. The night was quiet yet she was sure something loud and strong woke her up. The crickets, dogs, frogs and geckos still sang their song, yet there was this unusual quietness of the night; like everything had suddenly become still. It seemed like a loud bang or crash had startled her and the night animals. Yes, that she was sure of. She was sure something had taken her from the dream. She was sure something had caused fear to spring up in her bowels. She closed her thighs tightly together. She needed to use the restroom but not tonight, maybe in the morning. She was too afraid to stand up, especially after she had watched her father hurting her mother again for the umpteenth time.

She always prayed he would stop hurting her mother and that he would never have the opportunity to hurt her or her sister as her she had heard her mother once pray. Everything would be okay in the morning. She would feel better. She would lie in her mother’s arms, have eggs or waffles for breakfast and drink orange juice. Then they would sing and play games since it wasn’t a school day. She would laugh all through knowing that in her Mother’s eyes, there would always be comfort. She would be happy that her Father had gone out to work or wherever he haggardly went to.

 She took a deep breath and closed her eyes about go back to sleep. She lay back drawing the pink covers over her head and was just about to whisper a word to Jesus when she heard it again. This time, it felt as if her heart jumped right out of her chest. She turned left and right, her eyes darting here and there. She sat up, curious, sickened, agitated. Consumed in fear of the currently dark room and whatever sound it must have been that she heard, she shook Lala, first a little, then harder and harder. Lala’s little doll slipped out of her hands as she sat up slowly, and with her right hand groggily wiped her eyes.

‘I’m scared’ Simi said hugging the pink duvet. Her eyes were filled to the brim with tears. ‘I’m really scared’ she said and then brought her sister’s hands to her chest. ‘Listen to my heart’ she said shaken ‘I’m so scared.’

‘Why so scared?’ Lala asked, lips trembling.

‘I heard a big sound and it seemed like it was inside our house.’ she stared intently at her sister, releasing her hands from her chest but still firmly gripping it. ‘I want mummy’

‘Let’s go get mummy’ Lala said a slight frown playing across her face.

‘But daddy is there.’

‘Jesus is also here’ Lala said

Simi nodded. Yes, better get mummy now and feel safe and happy. Better get mummy now and let all the troubles end. She would make her feel better, probably tell her a story. Comfort her. She almost smiled. She felt really hopeful. She nodded again.

The older one nodded and followed suit as her sister slipped out of bed. They heard faint noises. Whispers. Crashes. Murmurs. They held on to each other, as they walked to their Mother’s room down the hall to their mother’s room. If she wasn’t there, then she was still in the sitting room where they had earlier seen daddy hurting her. Would he still be hurting her? Simi thought as she summoned some bravado and walked into the room. They halted once they got into the grand room. The room was dark yet they could make out a figure lying on the floor. No one needed to tell them it was their mother. The tears found their way out of Simi’s eyes as she walked towards the lifeless body. Lala didn’t comprehend on time but she caught a glimpse of where the noise was coming from. Their father. He held on to a duffel bag and was packing things inside. He was half naked, clad only in a boxer and singlet. Dots and strips of sweat clung to his face. He seemed to be nervous, moving here and there, tripping over things, falling items.

‘Daddy?’ Lala’s eyes widened. She gave him a questioning look, one no one thought a 5 year old would have been able to pull off.

‘What have you done to my mummy’ Simi asked standing over the body, her hands soaked in blood. She looked back at the body of her mother and put her hands on her chest. She didn’t get anything. She didn’t hear or feel the usual beat that her mother had taught her was common of all human beings. She remembered her exact words ‘once this stops, this happens’ she had placed her hands on her chest and then made a funny look of her dying accompanied with a sort of hissing sound.

‘Mummy is dead’ Simi announced like it was something she was used to saying.

‘You two, get out of this room now’

Lala started crying ‘Is my mummy dead’ it didn’t matter that she didn’t know the full implications of the word or what it meant exactly. All that mattered was it was a horrifying word that made her sister scream and her father jittery.

‘I’m going to call my grandma’ Simi said squinting her eyes. Her mother had told her who to call and how to call in case of emergencies. Her father wasn’t in the list.

‘You tell a word of this to anyone and I kill you’ he said raising a gun they weren’t sure had been there.

Simi moved backwards slightly and then nodded. ‘Come on Lala, let’s go to our room’

‘What about mummy?’ Lala asked staring from father to sister

‘No Lala, common lets go’ Lala started to cry, to scream and shout but Simi just pulled the unwilling girl aside.

‘Good girls’ their father mumbled. ‘Now go get dressed, we are going to take a nice long trip. ‘We’re going to have fun’

‘Would mummy come’ Lala asked

‘Sure Lala, sure’ he said toying with his beard, one hand resting on his hips. Despite his calm demeanor, there was no doubt he was nervous. He was afraid. This, Simi could definitely tell.

She walked into their room, Lala by her side, putting forward different questions. She tried her best to answer, tried her best to explain her mother was never coming back but Lala was too excited about going on a ‘nice long trip’ to want to grasp that. They washed up, were dressed in no time and went down to wait by the car. Dawn was only just beginning to arrive yet Simi felt the weight of the whole day on her shoulders. It was even worse when they watched as their father dragged something in dry-cleaning bag and lifted it with so much effort into his boot. She had no doubt it was her mother.

‘Is that my mummy?’ Simi asked her eyes widening at the idea.

‘you this girl….too much of guts….I’ll deal with you’ he pulled out his belt’ He had a menacing look that made the two girls start to cry instantly. He pushed her against the side of the car and pushed her sleeveless Barbie top up.

‘Please daddy’ she begged but it was too late. The cold yet hard belt landed on her back with a thud. It felt like pepper or something hotter. Feeling dead, like it was over, she didn’t expect a second one or a third that left her screaming and running around like a wild hen. There was no fourth but he dragged her with one hand while Lala clawed at his other and pushed her into the car.

‘Now sit and not one word from you two’

Already shy, she nodded and placed her hands firmly on her lips. She watched as he went to the gate, could see him clearly despite the darkness. While quietly sitting, hoping, waiting as the minutes dragged Simi prayed in her heart that her mummy would come and save her. The tears still strolled down her eyes with ease. Her back ached like nothing before. This was the first time he hit them. The first time. And she had no doubt, if her mother was never to come back that this wouldn’t be the last.

She took Lala’s hand once she noticed him coming to the car.

He took his place in the drivers sit and began to smile. ‘We’re going to be free.!’ It was a yelp. He laughed with so much gusto ‘imagine free at last!’ he turned the key into the ignition wiped the sweat off his brow with a brown handkerchief and started the car, with one last glance at the fine features of his mortgaged house. The bank would be coming for this he mumbled under his breath and let the car slide out of the house. They had only reached the estate gate, passing through the bumps, sand and rain water when they noticed the men in uniform.

His heart flew out of his chest, took its place in the passenger seat by him. He wanted to turn back but he was already too near. Lala didn’t help matters; she began to wave at the police, the tradition of the two girls when things were much better.

The Police wove him down.

He started to plan what to say.

One police showed a badge ‘Goomoring seh’ he said ‘we have instructions to search any vehicle leaving the estate’

‘Instructions from who?’ their dad countered rudely ‘look inspector—’ he strained his eyes to catch a name on his uniform ‘inspector Adamu, I am late for a vigil already. He pointed—my house is the big red house, I work in an oil company, I’m not a thief or a stranger’

‘We apologize for the inconveniencies sir. But it’s the order from above’

Simi didnt say anything. She didnt offer a word. But she tried to make them look in her eyes, to make them see this man was the devil himself. It wasnt too long after that they saw the body and agreed silently with Simi.

He began to scream ‘I am being framed, how did that get in there?? Ask my kids…’

They didnt listen.

Lala would say about the experience years later that it was God that saved them.

Simi would agree. She would say if not for the Police, worse things could have happened which they had no power to stop. But she would also add that the detainment of their Father that night was only one step in their Journey to freedom.

To be Continued.



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