Hi! Everyone! First things first, its a new day!!! 🙂 And for all the ladies out there, I have something you may relate too. Even Brothers might relate to it. But y’all  should read it nevertheless (Hint: She’s been zoned). 

I’m yet to get your comment and comments on Marital rape, so when you’re done here, you can just check out the previous story, its long but as this, it is surely worth your time. 


Emotions is written by my one and only Sola Olubi (Law Don by the very way)



It was new year’s eve, my friend Gloria had invited me for crossover service at her church. Though I was a bit reluctant to go, I went anyway, because my dad was too tired to drive to the church we usually worship and also the Gloria’s church was near to our house. 


It was here we first met.There he was beside me, looking so handsome and young, until  I got to know  his real age though, which you’ll get to know later. He made the first move.”Hi my name is Ben, what’s yours?” I really wanted to snob him but i replied anyways, and for the records, he is fine, really fine. 


We got talking and he asked what school I was in, “University of Lagos”, I replied. He didn’t really tell me much about himself but he advised  me to face my studies and that was the end of our conversation on the first day. 


The next day, I visited my friend Gloria at her house. She told me a  little more about him, then I got to know that he was a youth corper and he was working  for an oil company.From the tone of her voice, I could sense that she meant the guy was loaded (as in he has money). I didn’t  really care about that, cause I wasn’t interested in his money. 


You wouldn’t blame me for my curiosity but I got on my laptop when I got home from school one day and I went on facebook. I entered his name, Ben that is, in the search engine. Then I suddenly felt sad when I saw many people with the same name I entered. Then it dawned on me  that I didn’t know his surname. My, my, how dumb of me. But nonetheless I was determined to never give up until I found him. 


Wisdom is a very good  thing to have and I had it. I put on my thinking cap and thought, “who could know him to be his friend on facebook?” Then the light bulb came on, you know, the imaginary one you see when you have an idea; Gloria! 


I searched through her lists of friends and there he was, his profile picture and name confirmed it all. Without wasting time, as a sharp babe, I hit the friend request button. Though I,was not really sure whether he would accept m request, he allayed my fears when he,did the next day. I beamed so brightly, my  smile almost reaching my ears, “my labour,was not in vain” I thought to myself. 


The next day, I started receiving strange calls. All the time the calls came in, they appeared to have been missed. I had a rule that I stuck to, which was not returning calls that I didn’t know who the caller was. The same number kept calling for about three  consecutive days. Then I decided to bend my rule and give the person behind the number a call. 


Sounding very formal and posh like my mum when she’s talking to one of her clients at work, “Hello, good afternoon who am I speaking with please?” I said as the person answered. As the person replied I got to know it was Ben!!!!, the fine guy from the crossover service. 


Sounding a little puzzled I asked him how he got my phone number, because I didn’t give him. He replied sounding  like a perfect gentleman, ” I saw your friend request and I didn’t want the formality of a chat cos I wanted to hear your voice, so I checked your profile and your number was there. 


Great, I thought to myself, as I totally forgot that my phone number was uploaded on my  facebook page. We talked at length, he doing most of the talking and I doing most of the listening. He ended the call with  a promise  to call before the end of the day. 


Everyday he called, early in the morning before leaving for work and late at night , when he returned from work. We got see each other sometimes when I ran errands for ny mum. With all these I discovered I had a crush on him. 



One saturday, Gloria came to visit and while I was seeing her off I saw Ben in the estate where I reside. We talked for a  while then i got to know that he lived not so far from my house. I also discovered that he knew my cousin, Seyi. What a small world. Before my friend boarded a bus to her house I asked Ben how old he was. I got the,shock of my life when i discovered that he was 13 years older than I was. I am 16 years old by the way. 


At this point and after hearing this news, I decided not to keep my hopes high. He might only see me as a sister and a friend and decided to keep me in these zones forever. 

And I decided to de-crush him.  



5 thoughts on “EMOTIONS.

  1. Sensible decision imho. I’m not concerned that he might only see you as a sister & friend though… I’m concerned that he’s way ahead of you in this ‘game’. @”And I decided to de-crush him,” if only our hearts/emotions follow our heads, our lives would have less complications 🙂

  2. LoL thanks for reading you two. I’ve been in this shoes, mehn it wasnt pretty decrushin. Finding something else to spend you energy on would easily de-crush him. *sigh, any who, we’ve got the power! #Girlpower whoop whoop

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