Mostly because I’m bored and there’s no light and nothing to do. Thank you very much ASUU. 


Someone’s going to die today.

Those words were drawn on my Legal Methods note book when I got back from school. It was a rather scruffy handwriting and I didn’t know what to think about it when I read it. My first instinct was to move back, my eyes still on the book. Then my bright black eye darted here and there. Who wrote this was the first question? that crept up my mind.

The person clearly wanted to scare me and they had succeeded. Next the person clearly didn’t want me to know they were the one. If it was a good, normal handwriting, I could easily point to any of my friends or neighbors—but then again, the book had been lying in my room all week no one would even have the keys to enter—wait, that’s if they didn’t pick the lock or if Sarah and Eniola didn’t let anyone in. A thousand thoughts ran through my head as I held a knife the way an FBI agent would hold a gun and moved through my apartment. I examined the lock, examined the window, the blinds; everything seemed perfectly normal. Then I went on to my cousins’ room. Eniola and Sarah; 6 and 8 were asleep. My heart beat returned to normal.

I shrugged it off. Maybe it was someone from class about last week. That seemed for convincing. Maybe, I hadn’t just noticed it since the beginning of the week. Dami and Seun seemed capable of performing such a horrid task to scare me or give me a heart attack. But really, why joke about death? I put things back in order in my room and went to start dinner. Mostly junk food. I asked the girls if they let anyone inside the house. They shook their head with curiosity. Nah, I could not alarm them, nothing bad was going to happen. It was a joke, a prank, anything but seriousness.

Besides what could they do within the two hours I had been to class? Watch cartoons, play with my teddy bears well except Michael since they didn’t like Michael and play dress up. They couldn’t or wouldn’t write that. They knew better than to touch any of my school books.

I decided I wouldn’t do anything about ‘the threat’ if nothing bad further happened. The girls slept on my bed with me that night. I wanted to have an eye on them. They weren’t trouble except the constant visiting of the toilet. And it was about that period it happened..

Sarah didn’t need help seeing herself to the loo, so, around 10:35 when she stood up, I only turned and twisted in my bed and then slept back. I heard the crash around 10:42. The first thing that came to my drowsy mind was to reach out for the girls but once I put my hands on the duvet, it was emptiness I felt. Immediately, I was alert, afraid. I wondered why Sarah hadn’t come back to bed and why Eniola wasn’t in bed. Could the person that wanted to kill someone in my apartment have come to carry out their threats? Where our lives at stake? My cousins’ life, my life. I swallowed hard, tore my wrapper away from my skin and stood up, ready to act, yet as quietly as I could. I could definitely hear my heart beat. I could. It was dark, we usually turned off the light even though Eniola protested, she usually said she was just as afraid of the dark as she was of Michael. I was sweating profusely despite the air conditioning. My heart beat was fast. I had goose bumps all over. It wasn’t pretty at all.

I searched through my nightstand for something sharp; the only things I could get were my nail file and a scissors. But that would do. I heard small bangs, hits and thuds, and a tiny shrill cry. Surprisingly, it didn’t sound like a cry of pain. I first checked the toilet. The light was on, it was empty. Then slowly, I moved to the parlor, the fear that stole through me was one I would only like to experience once. And that is, once in a lifetime. A thousand thoughts ran through my head. They said it was the ember month and lots of bad guys were looking for blood. God forbid. Not the blood of me and my cousins.

The sounds became louder. I crept into the parlor, slowly. Nothing there. Die die die. I heard one of my cousin’s scream. I halted in my tracks. What if one sister was killing the other? No that was preposterous, or maybe they had gotten the intruder and somehow managed to attack him? (if there was an intruder that is) What did eight year olds know about attacking and killing?

With the hair of my skin standing still and with every part of me shaking, I lost all crime scene mannerism which I’d learned from too many crime shows and walked briskly into the parlor. Yes, I was still afraid, but I was more curious than afraid and somehow, I just knew whoever the intruder was, three of us could bring him down. Ok honestly I heard laughter, it was why I stopped acting weird. Girly laughter. No murderer would sound like that. Waiting by the door post, I watched as Eniola and Sarah, murder Michael, hitting him, biting him, throwing him around, jumping on him. I looked at the small shelf with like six other stuffed bears. They were all intact.

‘What’s going on here?’

They stopped abruptly, came together and quickly tried to hide Michael behind their backs.

‘uhm erm—I, it was Eniola’s idea’ Sarah quickly said and then moved away.

‘Michael scares me.’ she said almost indifferently. So this was the death they meant. I almost laughed. These two pranksters almost got me—no they practically got me. Writing a threat and killing my 15 year old teddy, I wondered where they’d gotten the idea from, most likely TV. Only God can save us from the shows we see today.

I twisted my lips wryly. ‘You two have some explaining to do’ I led them to my room and showed them the threat. ‘Who did this’

Eniola and Sarah looked at each other. Then they shook their heads.

‘Be honest with me. Or else, I’ll call grandma’ I said folding my arms.

‘Really we didn’t do it’ Sarah said. I saw their eyes glisten with honesty and almost pinched them, hoping that’d coax them to say the truth but threatening to tell Grandma was actually enough to make them tell the truth, considering grandma’s hard hands when they hit your face.

‘I’m going to ask you one more time, who did this’ I said slowly.

On the nightstand, the time of my clock read 11:25.

They shook their heads again.

‘We’re serious, we didn’t do it’

The blood drained from my face and at the same time, a loud crash, tore the front door down.


6 thoughts on “11:25

  1. just when i thought everything was fine with them, this happens. this feels like the movie “child’s play”. i like the suspense though.

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